PLT Examination Preparation Class Schedule

This class introduces qualified individuals to the knowledge that is required to pass Minnesota's Power Limited Technician license examination. The class (three and one half days) focuses on elements specifically associated with the PLT license examination and the PLT license. It covers the applicable portions of the National Electrical Code, the Minnesota Laws and Rules related to electrical licensing and inspection, and relevant mathematics and technology. This training is applicable to ALL professions and trades where the Power Limited Technician license is applicable.

The class is specifically designed to prepare unlicensed individuals to take the Power Limited Technician license examination. While an electrical- or electronics-based background can be helpful, it is not essential to completing this course or passing the exam. Familiarity with the NEC is even more helpful, but again is not essential to success.

Demand for this class is remains high and seating is limited. Please note that this class is NOT a continuing education class. It does not provide continuing education credits for attendance.

The Low Voltage Guy has now completed 134 PLT exam prep classes, preparing more than 2,700 individuals for the PLT license exam.

The success rate for individuals taking the Power Limited Technician examination after completing this course is high ... estimated to be about 65 to 70 percent. This number is based on the number of individuals actually receiving licenses, and also on scores reported by students. Many of these individuals passed the examination on their first attempt. Supporting data is available upon request.

2018 Exam Prep Class Schedule

October 4, 5, 11 & 12, 2018  -- Thursdays and Fridays  (3 days)
Mounds View, Minnesota  (Twin Cities)
    Moe's American Grill -- Moe's of Mounds View
    2400 Mounds View Blvd (County Road 10)
    Mounds View, Minnesota 55112
    Instructor: Ed Lethert (The Low Voltage Guy)
    Hosted by PLT Services, 19703 West Tri Oak Circle NE, Wyoming, MN  55092-8430
Cost, additional information, and registration available at
or contact Roxann Johnson at 763-413-8217

IMPORTANT:  Student Furnished Items required for the PLT  Exam Prep Class  (Note - A copy of the 2017 National Electrical Code (book) is required for this class)

It is both possible and regrettable that, under the rarest of circumstances, a class must be cancelled due to low enrollment.

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