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It's Time to Comply!

Compliance with the National Electrical Code is mandatory in Minnesota. One of the many NEC requirements is found in Section 250.94 Bonding for Other Systems. Taken for granted and largely ignored for decades, this requirement has become a critical part of any structure to which electrical service is provided.

Responsibility for compliance with Section 250.94 rests primarily with the owner of a building or structure, and the relevant installation is to be performed by the owner's licensed electrical contractor.

The 2008 NEC has identified a new device called the "Intersystem Bonding Termination" or IBT, the definition of which can be found in Article 100. UL listed devices (UL Category Code KDER or KDSH) that can be used meet this requirement are available from a number of manufacturers including Arlington Industries, Burndy, Electric Motion Company, Erico, Greaves, Harger, Ilsco, Thomas and Betts, etc. IBT devices can be obtained from local electrical distributors.

Installation of communication services by communication service providers (telephone companies, cable television companies, antenna-based service providers, etc.) are required to comply with their respective NEC articles (800, 810, 820, 830, and 770). This all depends on prior compliance by the owner with Section 250.94. (See 800.100(B), 810.21(F), 820.100(B), 830.100(B), and 770.100(B) for communication service installation requirements).

The following paper lays out the 250.94 rule requirements in detail. It contains useful information for electrical contractors, technology contractors, and their employees. Please read and heed.

NEC 250.94 - Bonding for Other Systems (04-29-10)   (PDF file

The following document is a two page handout intended specifically for electrical contractors and their electricians. It is purposefully brief and to the point. It is hope that this document will be distributed far and wide.

250.94 for the electrical contractor (04-20-09)   (PDF file

The author encourages duplication and distribution of these two documents. The documents may not be altered in any way without the prior written permission of the author.

Some of the listed hardware that facilitates compliance with 250.94 can found in the following document.

Intersystem Bonding Hardware   (PDF file

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