Electric Shock Drowning  (ESD)

The combination of humans (or pets), water and electricity can be deadly.  This  site promotes electrical safety-related information and actions for use wherever electricity is used in, on, over, or near a body of water (lake, river, canal, pool, pond, etc.).  Adherence will serve to minimize the risk of an electric shock drowning death or in-water electrocution.

This site supports and augments the Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association by providing localized information and support in the greater Minnesota and Wisconsin area.  See the links provided at the bottom of this page for the ESDPA and similar web sites.

What is Electric Shock Drowning?

Responding to an ESD Incident -- A Must Read

Documents and Reference Materials

2017 National Electrical Code on Article 555 -- Marinas, Boatyards, etc.

Order "No Swimming" Signs / "Warning" Signs

Contribute to the Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association at www.gofundme.com
 -- The ESDPA is a 501c3 entity and sends acknowledgement of contributions for tax purposes

"Big Lake Death Shines Spotlight on Electric Shock Drowning"  WCCO TV Ch 4

Ed Lethert conducts presentations on Electric Shock Drowning and is available to interested groups.
Contact Ed at elethert7408@comcast.net or call 612-670-9801

For additional information on Electric Shock Drowning, visit the following web sites:

There are many ESD-related sites -- Search for "Electric Shock Drowning" or "ESD"

Send questions or comments to Ed Lethert at elethert@gmail.com

Updated on April 10, 2019